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Shopping Cart Problems 

We try to make your roll out shelf shopping experience as pleasant as possible however the cart software requires that we be able to see what rolling shelves you want to add to the cart as well as being able to find the website after you have added the item.. We do not track where you go shopping or what you are looking at. We do need to know what you want to add to your cart 

If you are having problems with our shopping cart it may be due to your internet settings. If you run Norton's internet security or similar program you may need to temporarily deactivate it so that the cart can "see" your purchases. For Norton's just right click the internet security icon in your system tray (bottom right corner) and choose disable internet security. You can do this for as little as five minutes or how ever long it will take you to place your order. 

If you still have problems placing an order you can email us or call us at 623-780-2555

Thank you



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