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Premier sliding shelf
Standard sliding shelf
Medium sliding shelf
Economy sliding shelf
Tall Boy sliding shelf
Slanted sliding shelf
Sliding Bread Drawer
Fixed divider
Binning strips
1/4" dividers

Pull out shelves are custom made to fit your kitchen cabinets

To see more or purchase custom pullout sliding shelves just click on the picture or the item title
Please see our measuring and installation pages before ordering your custom pull-out shelving

Economy sliding shelf for entertainment center DVD CD storage

BSS1 Buy Now 

Economy pull out sliding shelf. Same hardware as our premier pull-out sliding shelves but with a flat melamine construction that works well for keyboard trays, printer pull out shelves and stereo components.  Available for cabinet openings from 6" to 24" wide and from 13" to 27" deep. Your choice of Oak or Maple hardwood trim.

From $44.95 per shelf


low cost sliding shelves for kitchen cabinets

SS12-24 Buy Now

Standard pull out sliding shelves. Same great hardware and quality Baltic Birch as our premier pull out shelves. We designed this sliding shelf as a low cost alternative to our premier sliding shelves by eliminating the rabbet and dado joints used on our premier pull-out shelves. We leave  these sliding shelves without a finish so that you can paint or stain them to match your cabinets. 2 5/8" tall, shipped fully assembled and ready to install.

From  $49.95 per shelf

most popular pull out shelf for kitchen cabinet storage

PSS16-36 Buy Now

Premier pull out sliding shelf  2 3/8" tall the premium quality pull-out shelf comes assembled and ready for side mount installation with 100 pound capacity drawer slides. Other mounting styles available. The 9 ply Baltic birch protected with two coats of lacquer and built to provide a lifetime of use from the rabbet joint corners to the dado joint bottom. For cabinet openings from 6" to 36" wide and from 10" to 26" deep.

From $64.95 per shelf

medium tall pull out shelves great for pantry cabinet storage and VHS tapes

PMHS16-36 Buy Now

Medium high pull out sliding shelf 4 7/8" tall roll out shelf assembled with hardware and mounting brackets. For cabinet openings from 6" to 36" wide and from 10" to 26" deep.

From $89.95 per shelf 22" deep

9 7/8" tall roll out shelf great for soda bottles and cereal boxes

PTS12-30 Buy Now

A whopping 9 7/8" tall pull out sliding shelf comes assembled with hardware and mounting brackets and is perfect for tall item pantry storage. For cabinet openings from 6" to 30" wide and from 10" to 26" deep.

From $112.95 per shelf 22" deep

slanted side roll out shelves great for pantry cabinets

PSLS12-30 Buy Now

Slanted sides pull out sliding shelf  The short front provides an easy view of what is in the shelf while the taller back prevents items from falling over when the sliding shelf is moved too rapidly. Starting at 2 3/8" in the front the slides slope up to 7 3/8" for the back of the shelves. Assembled with hardware and mounting brackets. For cabinet openings from 6" to 30" wide and from 10" to 26" deep.

From $109.95 per shelf 22" deep

rolling pull out shelf bread drawer keeps bread and pastries fresh and keeps the bugs out

PBDS1224 Buy Now

7 3/8" tall Pullout sliding Bread drawer with sliding top helps keep your bread and pastries fresh and bug free. Available for cabinet openings from 6" to 24" wide and from 12" to 22" deep.

From $135.95 per shelf

fixed divider for pull out shelves for kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinet

ASDBB1 Buy Now

Fixed divider for Baltic Birch pull out shelves. Add a 1/2" fixed divider panel to our roll-out shelves to improve organization. Use with 2 3/8" shelf for spice dividers. Use with the 4 7/8" or 9 7/8" and you have a rollout cookie sheet and tray divider.

$5 for 2 3/8", $7.50 for 4 7/8", $10 for 9 7/8" and $12 for sloped

adjustable binning strip for pullout shelves


Binning strip for adjustable dividers. This plastic strip attaches to the inside of our quality pullout shelves with self adhesive tape (not included). Slots spaced 1/4" apart for 1/4" birch dividers right where you need them.

$.25 per inch, two required per shelf

dividers for adjustable binning strip used in pull-out shelves for kitchen cabinet storage

ABB14DV Buy Now

1/4" Birch dividers for use with binning strips. Available for 4 7/8" pull-out shelves and for 9 7/8" pull-out shelves.

$.15 per inch for 1 3/4" tall, $.25 per inch for 4", $.50 per inch for 9"

$5. for strips for 22" deep 4 7/8" tall $10 for 22" deep 9 7/8"

Pull out shelves can make your life easier. Why get down on your hands and knees to get that pot or pan from the back of your kitchen cabinet. With pullout shelving those pots and pans will pull-out to you. We have many different styles of shelves in a wide price range so that you can pick the sliding shelving that works best for you. We find that the premium pullouts work great for most kitchen storage from pots and pans to pantries. The Economy shelf works well for a keyboard tray and it also works well for specialty uses such as a pull-out printer tray or you can find a ton of uses in a hobby or arts and crafts room. Slanted shelves work the best for pantry storage where you want to see what is in the slide out shelf from the front but not have to worry about taller items falling off the back if the shelf is opened too rapidly

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