Blind corner specs
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Half Moon Lazy Susan Specs

Standard Bracket

90 Hinge Bracket
Our tray system is based on minimum cabinet openings for the tray to pivot and pull-out. Therefore, when installing our tray system in a frameless cabinet with 90 BCB hinges, you must add 1 1/4" to our minimum opening dimensions. This will then provide a net minimum opening which will take into consideration for opening obstructions such as the door or hinges.

Example: 31" Tray System
13 1/4" suggested minimum opening
+1 1/4" allowance for bracket & door
=14 1/2" net minimum cabinet opening
(before door and hinges)

Blind Corner Polymer Tray Organizers are available in two styles:
Glossy 2800/Textured 6800 Series

Plus Hardware Kits for wood and melamine trays.

Half Moon Slide & Shelf Support

Our Half-Moon Trays and Slides work off a simple 4 hole pattern system for flexibility and upgrade capability with our slides. Hardware kits for custom shelves would work the same.

Minimum Inside Cabinet Depth
(Upper Shelf Support Bracket) We have a Standard Bracket for normal cabinet applications and a Euro Bracket for frameless cabinets, utilizing 90 blind corner base hinges. The Euro Bracket realigns the pivot of our trays to allow them to clear the door which (in this application) ends up inside the normal cabinet opening.

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